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drumlogo.gifWelcome to the website of the Seattle Drum School Georgetown, continuing the twenty year tradition of bringing quality music education to students young and old. Seattle Drum School offer lessons in drums, bass, guitar, piano, brass and woodwinds, DJing, and much more. From beginning courses to master classes our program includes valuable information that provides our students with the necessary tools for becoming professional musicians, college music majors, or for pursuing music as a serious hobby. You'll learn from some of the most qualified musicians and teachers in the area.


Here's our new lobby!

Hey- we have done a lot of work over here at the new building! We just got a bunch of great chairs and the front lobby counters/work station. Many thanks to all the folks at Sony-BMG for all the great stuff. You guys rock. Also check out the fresh new paint and new carpet. Feel free to stop by anytime just to say "whassssup!"

Rockit like Herbie- Marc



SDSG Video Tour of Main Floor


Check out photos of SDSG!

The first photo points out (very clearly) we are right by the I-5 onramp. The second photo is our front door. Can you name any of the musicians on the door? Zoooooom.
Photo number three is the front lobby and the open door is a small office and teaching space.
Last is the east wall of the building. Don't forget we are sharing the building with A Dog's Dream. They sell really good dog food and other pet supplies. So I am sure we will adopt one of the many homeless cats that are around. So it goes at the Drum School! Also check out two fun videos. (See links at the bottom of this post) One is a tour of the upstairs guitar-horn rooms and the other is the east side of the building and cruising down Michagan Street. Check back with us soon!

Where it's at- Marc Fendel

SDSG Video Tour of upstairs
SDSG East side of building and driving west down Michigan

Seattle Drum School Georgetown - Faculty

Here is our list of faculty for the new SDSM branch, Seattle Drum School Georgetown:

Suggestions? Someone missing? Please post your comments!


Seattle Drum School Georgetown - Calendar


Satellite Map of Seattle Drum School Georgetown

Here it is: our new location! Couresty of Google Maps, here is a satellite image of our new branch at 1010 S Bailey St, in the heart of Georgetown (98108).



It's official, so it's time to announce it to the world -- the Seattle Drum School of Music is opening a new branch in Georgetown! We are all so excited about this new endeavor, and we look forward to bringing you more information as often as we can. I had a long meeting today with Drum School owner Steve Smith -- the godsend behind this new location and it's jazz focus -- and I'll be having a long planning meeting Marc Fendel tomorrow, so I'll have more to report after that. Welcome!

Dave Marriott
SDSG Blogger and Teacher
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